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The Medical Record Retention System has tools specifically designed to assist you when you are ready to purge your active file and send inactive records to storage. 

Determining what records to purge can be a daunting task.  MRRS provides a reporting tool that can produce a list of records, based on criteria you supply, that should be purged.  For example, you can request a list of all charts that have a discharge date over two years ago, or you may ask for a report of all visits where the patient has not had a visit within the last year.  Using this report can save you a considerable amount of time in trying to determine what records should be moved to an off-site facility.

Once you decide what records need to be purged, the MRRS system allows you to quickly mark the records you are purging with the container number that will hold the record.  You can purge one or more patient charts at a single time to save even more time.   Our streamlined user interface simplifies the marking of records.

Saving you time and money was one of our primary goals when we designed the MRRS system.  We even looked for ways to reduce keystrokes, thereby saving time and in most cases increasing accuracy as well.  One such example is in the Purge Records section.  We understand that when you purge your active file, you will most likely place all the records you are purging in a container before you perform any data entry.  Once you have all the records physically in the containers, you will then enter this information in the MRRS system.  Our Purge Records form maintains the date and the container number while you purge multiple records.  Once you have completely entered all the records for a container, you can edit the container number on the form with the next container number and continue the purge process. 

Using the average of 35 records per container and an average of six digits per container number and 10 characters per date, we have reduced the number of required keystrokes by approximately 544 characters per container.  This all adds up to saved time, which means real savings for your bottom line.


At 600 to 750 containers per year this equates to approximately
325,000 to 400,000 saved keystrokes per year.


To purge a record in the MRRS system, enter either the medical record number or the chart ID.  All active visits for that patient will be displayed and the appropriate record will be selected.  You can select additional records to purge or simply purge the selected record.

The Purge Records entry form is shown below. 

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